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John Manchester, Composer

My music is available for licensing at and by Omni Music.

I taught myself guitar at age 12 by listening to the first Peter, Paul and Mary album. A year later I performed in a tribute band, the Upstate Beatles, wearing a Beatle Wig and assuming the role of John Lennon.

I went to Wesleyan University in the pivotal year of 1968, where Music 101 kindled a lifelong love of classical music. After graduating I pursued my education in the other side of my musical persona, playing Rock, Country and Bluegrass in hundreds of dives. In 1978 I joined Livingston Taylor's band, opening for the Linda Ronstadt and Fleetwood Mac tours. I co-wrote a number of songs with Livingston, some of which appear on the Epic label.

I produced and wrote some of the first Rock jingles in the late seventies, and later wrote national jingles for Hershey’s and Chevrolet. I scored industrials for Fortune 500 companies, including GE, Aetna and Volvo.

In 1978 I gave up songwriting for composing. I forged a unique style, blending syncopated pop phrasing, rock ryhthms and my melodic guitar style with the formal architecture borrowed from the classical tradition: theme and variations, development and counterpoint. (Good example is the piece "Chartres" below.  As staff producer at a Boston recording studio I taught myself orchestration. 

My brand of music proved popular in the 80s as theme and background music for productions. I became the most successful composer at a major music library, eventually logging over 25,000 synchronizations of my music. It appeared on national commercials, as an afternoon news theme on CNN, and as music-on-hold for the main number at UPS.

From my first solo piano pieces of 1978, through recent works performed by Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, works from all phases of my career continue to be broadcast worldwide.